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When the game begins, the player chooses the gender and name of the main character, a change from other Nippon Ichi games. With Akira Sasanuma, Chiwa Saitô, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Michihiko Hagi. Although he initially plays a small role at the beginning of the story, he is later discovered to have had a working relation with Lobo. Soul Nomad & the World Eaters (Video Game 2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Her standard attacks are identical to that of generic female Dracons. Though she plays little role in the normal story, Pinot has far more scene time in the Demon Campaign. A man with a mysterious past who showed up injured fifteen years ago. See Quote for more. Asagi is somewhat insane and wants to take over the game for herself since her own game was canceled. The protagonist is given a long black sword. Odie voiced by Kazutaka Ishii. KOEI later released the game in Europe on June 20, 2008. Soul Nomad is set upon the island continent of Prodesto, in the world of Haephnes. She was a victim of the deteriorating rebirth cycle between Haephnes and Drazil and her soul was stolen and sent to the other world. It's suggested that lujei's lover's name is "Mevy" according to her appearance in Soul Nomad & The World Eaters Soul Nomad & the World Eaters, known in Japan as Soul Cradle Sekai o Kurau Mono (ソウルクレイドル 世界を喰らう者, Sōru Kureidoru Sekai o Kurau Mono?, literally "Soul Cradle: World Eaters") is a video game by Nippon Ichi.The game was released February 15, … ... (Lujei). When Thorndyke makes his proclamation to join the team in exchange for his knights and the Nereids' lives, she swears before him that if Penn is harmed, she would never trust humans again. basically, ignore everyone else and spam the hell out of your team attack, you will get him back in a map or two. My favourite scene! After taking over Orviska, she is seen with the party, giving out her opinions even to Gig, bluntly stating his name for the empire sucks. is a video game by Nippon Ichi. Commander of all the Nereid land forces. Has two children; his first, named Richard was thought to be kidnapped by the Nereids. A glitch in the game allows her to be fought and recruited an infinite number of times, allowing multiples of her to be in the player's party. Though his worries have no validity in the normal story, the Demon path plays out just as he feared it would and he is found to have joined the resistance to stop Gig though he thinks tiny raids on Gig and the Main Character will only waste lives. Upon his defeat, Thuris commits suicide by blowing himself up and spreading the disease Scarlet Iago as a result. With no apparent leader, the continent collapsed once more into civil war. Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! He says that Reyva has attained power that which rivals the gods themselves. In that village lives the protagonist along with their friend Danette, and other members of the Sepp race. He was Gig's past life before succumbing to the rebirth cycle where his soul was stolen by Drazil. It doesn't work if you got too many affinity points with another character, you gain points by using team attacks and talking to them during the multi choice down time in towns. As a result, she becomes highly dependent on him, and is unable to make a decision without him. The body of one of the giants remains in the peaceful country of Raide, and serves as a symbol of fear to those who pass by it. 8 comments; Post a new comment; Flat | Top-Level Comments Only. Upon defeating her, she will have a temper tantrum which will cause the destruction of the Soul Nomad realm (save for Gig and Revya, as well as herself). A 2007 strategy RPG title brought to you by the good people at Nippon Ichi Software. In actuality the King of Raide hired Lobo, the leader of Yesterwind, to kidnap Richard and give him to the Nereids as a payment for curing the Queen. Knowing that Reyva was Median's son in his past life, she wished for Reyva to live a peaceful life and always sang a lullaby that made him sleep. One spot is reserved for the Room's leader, and the positioning of the squares is randomly determined when the room is created. Though kind-hearted, she's often naive and impulsive. Also, unlike the older Nippon Ichi titles, the player is not allowed to return to older levels. She then killed Median because he tried to go against the cycle. Lujei also appears in Soul Nomad & The World Eaters, another Nippon Ichi title. Along with Layna, whose age now exceeds 200, the protagonist helps to protect the village. One of the seven Overseers and also a god in the side of the world of Haephnes. Juno. JP Nippon IchiNA NIS AmericaEU Koei ... Endorph cocked his left pistol and used it to tap an imaginary hat brim. In the Demon Path storyline, he quickly joins Revya after hearing tales of the brutality caused by him/her. She was tasked with following the main character and ensuring that Gig never took control of him/her. If you're male, he will show his irritation of you, but proceeds to let you travel with him. In the end, she was destroyed along with all that exists. Well, not quite; he's become one of Soul Nomad's many chessmasters since Gig was sealed. is a video game by Nippon Ichi. His soul then went to Drazil, where he was transformed into Gig. Directed by Shinichi Ikeda. In the Demon Story, he/she goes insane with Gig's power and becomes the main antagonist of the story, becoming the Devourlord in the middle of the Campaign. He is also a downloadable character in Disgaea 4 and Disgaea D2, though Revya does not appear alongside him in those entries. She seems to hate everyone, especially the poor. Certain To Fail "holy crap. Gestahl. Diness voiced by Barbara Goodson and 1 other. For Soul Nomad & the World Eaters on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Getting Endorph into the Final Party". Known as the "All - Ruler" and a god presumed to be of even higher power and authority than Haephnes and Drazil. Hero, (Female) Voiced by Yukiko Kikuchi (Male) Voiced by Kensuke Nishi Endorph (Story Poses) Euphoria. Eventually, he leaves the player's party along with Dio of the Evil Eye, both of them being fought in the accompanying stage. She then was reincarnated into Feinne, a world eater. What is the best strategy for leveling up? soul nomad doesnt work better because of some inherent difference in terms of how gig is written exactly but because it knows to have him shut up when the game is discussing stuff … In the Demon Path storyline Danette joins the resistance against Gig and Revya, wearing a suit of armor and going by the name the Silent Knight because she can't bear to speak with them. Endorph Troy Baker is the English dub voice of Endorph in Soul Nomad and the World Eaters, and Kōsuke Toriumi is the Japanese voice. In the Demon path he attacks Revya along with the Nereids to save Penn and then turns himself over to ensure the safety of Penn. Hierarchically, he is above Gamma and Joules since he governs the world of Drazil as a whole. Hero, (Female) Voiced by Yukiko Kikuchi (JP) (Male) Voiced by Kensuke Nishi (JP). It's suggested that lujei's lover's name is "Mevy" according to her appearance in Soul Nomad & The World Eaters To utilize the power of Gig, Layna chose to give this sword to the protagonist. CERO:AESRB:T(13)PEGI:12+ When he came for Revya's soul, he fought with Lord Median and was killed. He use to live in the village where the Main Character and Danette grew up but left 10 years ago because he disagreed with Lady Layna on how to handle Gig, believing he shouldn't be used as a weapon, instead thinking Gig should be forever sealed in the sword. The Master of Death who came to Prodesto 200 years ago with his three World Eaters. It's a Darker and Edgier take on their usual formula, and could best be described as ' Ogre Battle on a power trip '. However, if your Relationship Values are high with Endorph, then you regain him when you enter Drazil. Later on, it's revealed that she shares a bit of history with Tricia. An Interrupted Proposal. Kanan, who also works for Revya in the Demon Path, finds a child that looks like Penn and forces Thorndyke to kill him. Soul Nomad and the World Eaters. Gig describes him as the most intelligent World Eater and the one he disliked the most. He recognizes the name 'Endorph' as his own. Despite his claims at valuing life, he has no problems with sacrificing his followers. Though he dies when Revya kills the third World Eater, if his relationship is high enough he can still be used upon arriving in Drazil. When the game begins, the player chooses the gender and name of the main character, a change from other Nippon Ichi games. A Sepp man who runs an organization called the Yesterwind. better not play anything from now on, just to be safe. Thorndyke voiced by Dave Wittenberg and 1 other. The player's character, named Revya by default, is the only one who can wield the Onyx Blade and can successfully fuse with Gig and make use of his powers. When it is brought to his attention that the King of Raide is in possession of a Crimson Tear, which is considered a forbidden item, he steals it from the King and presents it to the ruling council. Soul Nomad & the World Eaters is a Strategy-RPG that focuses on fighting with large-scale units to defeat enemies without relying on the main character's overpowered stats. He is revealed by the game's handbook to be Walnut form Phantom Brave. In other words I switched clerics and switched out Serpico. Raksha appears as a cameo in Disgaea Infinite. Register. When things looked their darkest, Layna gathered up what remained of her forces and made a direct assault against Gig, a battle which apparently killed both of them. Thuris is the second World Eater that Revya encounters and is, physically, the weakest of the three. It's a Darker and Edgier take on their usual formula, and could best be described as 'Ogre Battle on a power trip'.. Strategy role-playing game The game was released February 15 2007 in Japan, and September 25 2007 in the US. Gestahl. In the Demon Campaign, she battle the Main Character only to be defeated, but still alive. In one scenario, he is seen talking to Lujei Piche, who reveals that Sulphur is a demon in her service. Eventually, he chooses to leave the group, either regarding the Revya as a monster with a kind heart or an untrusting brute, depending on the player's dialogue choices. You'd be surprised at what you find. Post it here! Following this, he commits suicide. In the Demon Path, he is recruited halfway through the Demon Story for a very brief time, tricked into thinking the player is his master by Gig's Domination powers. Soul Nomad & the World Eaters is a Strategy-RPG that focuses on fighting with large-scale units to defeat enemies without relying on the main character's overpowered stats. Soul Nomad and the World Eaters Endorph Have a character you want to see in the game? Through the cutscenes in-game, it's revealed that some time before Layna took the throne, she sought out Virtuous, who killed Median in retaliation of killing Vigilance. Menu. He and Haephnes face Reyva but were defeated in the end and destroyed along with everything. Directed by Shinichi Ikeda. The Silent Protagonist of our story. A 2007 strategy RPG title brought to you by the good people at Nippon Ichi Software. In the Demon Path, she and Thorndyke attack the Devourlord after hearing of Penn being kidnapped, but who, in reality, was being used to spy on the main character. Lord Median was a war hero who ascended to the throne after uniting Prodesto beneath his rule. Lujei. He has a friendly relation to Odie. Depending on the attack, this may come into effect before or after their attack. When Vigilance came to take Revya's soul, Median fought against him and killed him, setting Drazil's plan into motion. This character has been made available as a download for Disgaea 3 as a female with the default name Revya. Revya (Male) voiced by Kensuke Nishi. He taught his followers how to create it and spread across the land, setting up Shauna's and Trish's separation and Shauna's hatred for everything. At the end of the Normal Path, he's revealed to be a 200+ year old Lord Median. Soul Nomad & the World Eaters. Without a cure for herself, she succumbs to the disease and dies in Tricia's arms. She often serves as the Demon party's voice of reason only to be trumped by Gig in this role. He controls all trade throughout the Astec-Raide region. He considers his world a utopia, as it lacks any form of disorder, since it inhabitants can never think for themselves, never come into contact with outside ideas, and all look the same (coincidentally looking exactly like male and female Revya). Units in the first or second rank usually perform a direct attack, while a unit in the rear will activate a status buff or perform an area-based attack that can hit an entire rank, line, or even the whole room. She wears a pin she believes to have belonged to her mother but in actuality belonged to her older sister who now goes by the name Shauna. Believing he has killed his own son Thorndyke goes insane, often unknowingly referring to Revya as "his dear Richard," as well as claiming that "every life he takes brings him closer to Richard."

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