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CensusViewer delivers detailed demographics and population statistics from the 2010 Census, 2000 Census, American Community Survey (ACS), registered voter files, commercial data sources and more. Harrisonburg has seen a population increase of about 10% over the past decade, according to the Weldon Cooper Center. Population Data for Harrisonburg, VA . Total Population: 45,140 [Most Recent City Population] Population Density: 2,571 [The number of residents per square mile of area.Population Change: 11.60% [The percent change in the citys population since 2000.Negative percentages represent a decrease in population. ZIP CODES IN HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA Who would guess that a city tucked in the Shenandoah Valley of western Virginia, with a population of 53,000 and a hard-working rural history, is a model of international coexistence? For every 100 females there are 92.1 males. Between 2017 and 2018 the population of Harrisonburg, VA grew from 131,717 to 132,835, a 0.849% increase and its median household income grew from $52,264 to $54,136, a 3.58% increase. The median age in Harrisonburg is 25.4 years, 26.2 years for males, and 24.4 years for females. about half the rate in the Harrisonburg, VA Metro Area: 5.3% 5,659 (±0.4% / ±472) about one-quarter of the rate in Virginia: 10.5% 677,533 (±0.1% / … With a 2020 population of 52,544, it is the 13th largest city in Virginia and the 754th largest city in the United States. 53,273), including age, race, sex, income, poverty, marital status, education and more. Area of Harrisonburg city is 17.4 mi² (=45 km²), in this year population density was 2,821.85 p/mi². QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. The US Census estimates the 2018 population at 54,033.The last official US Census in 2010 recorded the population at 48,914. General Information: 540-432-7701. Resident Population in Harrisonburg, VA (MSA) 2019-04-18 2020-03-26 U.S. Census Bureau: 2019-04-18 2020-03-26 Release Harrisonburg has 50,821 residents in 2010-2014, ranked #16 in Virginia, grew 25.58% since 2000. Among those working part-time, it was 51.80%, and for those that did not work, the poverty rate was 39.02%. CITY OF HARRISONBURG City Hall 409 South Main Street Harrisonburg, VA 22801. The least populous of the compared places has a population … However, the foreign born population was not always this large. Harrisonburg city, Virginia (VA) County population in 2016: 52,978 (all urban); it was 40,468 in 2000 County owner-occupied with a mortgage or a loan houses and condos in 2010: 4,092 County owner-occupied free and clear houses and condos in 2010: 1,757 Clear 2 Table. New Americans in the Harrisonburg MSA 2 Total population: 126,233 → 130,359 3.3% 73.2% U.S.-born population: 118,959 → 117,760-1.0% Immigrant population: 7,274 → 12,599 How much the overall population in the metro area would have shrunk without growth in the foreign-born population.-0.9% LABOR FORCE CONT. Harrisonburg city is 12th in Virginia out of 134 other counties in Race - Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander. Source U.S. Census Bureau: State and County QuickFacts. People QuickFacts Harrisonburg Virginia; Population, 2003 estimate : 41,170: 7,386,330: Population, percent change, April 1, 2000 to July 1, 2003 : 1.8%: 4.3% Harrisonburg city is 10th in Virginia out of 134 other counties in Foreign born residents. Figure 3 compares the population change from 2010 to 2018 and we can see Harrisonburg, Harrisonburg … QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. The total number of households is 5,189 with 3 people per household on average.The median age of the current population is 25 with 4,895 people being married and 11,744 being single. Harrisonburg is a city located in Virginia. Retrieved September 30, 2017. The Harrisonburg Metropolitan Statistical Area (Harrisonburg and Rockingham County) population is 133,959. 3,627), including age, race, sex, income, poverty, marital status, education and more. Harrisonburg reached it's highest population of 53,644 in 2017.

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