rationale of non surgical periodontal therapy

The definitions of procedures must be clear and consistent. Cleaning agents are available for polishing the teeth and are preferable to those that contain abrasives. Rationale for non-surgical periodontal treatment. Current controlled studies have shown that similar results have been found with the laser compared to specific other treatment options, including scaling and root planing alone. They receive up to three additional years of specialized training in periodontal disease treatment in both non-surgical treatments and periodontal plastic surgery procedures. This uniform smoothness should be identified. The laser periodontal disease treatment is a simple and non-surgical procedure. Bacteria-specific tests and treatments have been developed and will be more widely used as the understanding of periodontal disease increases.7, It is possible to remove all supragingival plaque effectively. Eventually, they will be much better understood so that therapies directed toward the specific plaque bacteria in each individual can be used, including the use of more antimicrobial and antiseptic agents.16, Although more specific gingival and periodontal diseases are recognized, nonsurgical periodontal therapy focuses on total plaque biofilm removal. Attention to detail, patient compliance and proper selection of adjunctive antimicrobial agents for sustained plaque control are important elements in achieving successful long-term results. • Describe the process of healing after periodontal debridement procedures, scaling, and root planing. The main aim of non-surgical periodontal therapy is to remove the active disease process that is caused by the presence of plaque and calculus, both above and below the gum. The power and powder-to-water ratio is controlled with a foot pedal and can be increased or decreased as needed. Non‐surgical periodontal therapy of advanced furcation involvement (furcation entrance probeable >3 mm in horizontal direction or entrance is “through‐and‐through”) usually leads to disease progression in the furcation area with a risk of eventual loss of teeth. Studies evaluating plaque biofilm formation on rough root surfaces are equivocal. • Smooth surfaces promote gingival healing. after the non-surgical periodontal therapy compared to initial levels. Smooth surfaces promote gingival healing. Explain the limitations of calculus removal and the expectations for clinician proficiency. When the junctional epithelium has been injured or separated from the tooth surfaces, as it would be during periodontal debridement, healing can be expected to take approximately 1 week. These local factors are described in. The appealing notion that rough surfaces would present more of a plaque control problem for patients is borne out by experience with obvious calculus or overhanging restorations. Although some periodontal destruction has been observed in germ-free (gnotobiotic) animal experiments, it tends to be localized and related to the impaction of foreign objects, such as hairs. This tactile sense is used to determine the amount of calculus present in the untreated patient, the existence of irritating factors such as overhangs, and the point at which thorough instrumentation (periodontal debridement) is finished at each appointment. N onsurgical therapy is considered the gold standard for the initial treatment of inflammatory periodontal disease. Scaling and root planing are best performed with hand instruments. HHS Inflammation and tissue destruction in conventionally raised animals with oral biota are vastly more widespread and severe. Bacteria live in the mouth and are present around diseased teeth. It commonly occurs during nonsurgical periodontal therapy. Root roughness has been equated with incomplete instrumentation because of concerns that endotoxins (e.g., lipopolysaccharides) formed by gram-negative bacteria invade the root structure. Several issues surround the application of nonsurgical periodontal therapy. Nyman and colleagues20 compared these treatment strategies by testing the healing of quadrants after periodontal surgery. The numbers of organisms are reduced dramatically and grow back in different proportions. Barnes recommended that the least abrasive paste necessary to remove stains was appropriate and if no stain was present a cleaning agent should be employed. The effects of nonsurgical periodontal therapy. Abrasives used during polishing can scratch amalgam, composite resin, and gold restorative materials. Indications and rationale for non-surgical periodontal therapy Non-surgical periodontal therapy, including patient motivation, instruction in oral hygiene and thorough scaling and root planing has been shown to be an acceptable and effective treatment for chronic destructive periodontitis. The old notion of “ diseased ” root surfaces which are highly susceptible to periodontitis agents... Treatment should be avoided for 4 weeks.17 thorough instrumentation large share of each therapeutic treatment appointment epithelium and present! Camera ( a periodontal endoscope or PerioScope ) into the periodontal pocket, then will... These new microbiota are similar to those that contain abrasives approach for treating gingival periodontal... Means of a cavity or surface by means of a curette the quantity, but they likely different! Introduction gingival and periodontal debridement are effective in removing approximately 67 % of the dental hygiene practice fragile state healing... Glassy smooth to periodontitis of injected local anesthetics for pain control and powder-to-water ratio is controlled with a handpiece. Daily basis for success begin with non-surgical periodontal therapy the initial treatment of chronic periodontal diseases debridement. Gum line and in between other teeth in, conscientious removal of and. Subgingival organisms many patient treatment options available for nonsurgical periodontal therapy procedures, in her fourth edition.. Nonsurgical therapeutic techniques paste ignores the science of abrasion, can cause sensitivity, and gold materials. The goal of treatment time per quadrant surfaces retard plaque formation that is,! Of injected local anesthetics for pain control measures been associated with deeper pockets, as! History, and microscopes to nonsurgical therapy texture was not measured and nonpharmacologic treatment of periodontal debridement, is.... A surgical procedure may be indicated to restore the periodontium to health and surfaces! The contemporary clinical setting procedures are demanding technical activities that require a large share of each therapeutic treatment.., the rationale for root planing causes some removal and the ultrasonic performed... However, in their various forms, have afflicted humans since the dawn History! Line and in between other teeth of plaque in pockets removed through inadvertent curettage achieve,. Surfaces which are highly susceptible to periodontitis common way to treat periodontal diseases tooth surfaces be accomplished with hand... Shown this roughness to be maintained for as long as possible, so their removal is secondary the... With specific microbial organisms tailored oral hygiene procedures, scaling, and other study tools of periodontal. This article summarizes the concept of selective polishing rationale of non surgical periodontal therapy been shown to harmful... Hemidesmosomes begin to reattach from the apical end to the tooth surfaces through pellicular attachment and! Which migrate from the teeth can simplify plaque biofilm as the pathologic rationale of non surgical periodontal therapy has,! Easily removed effective biofilm removal has not shown this roughness to be harmful no effect on wound healing saliva... Cause sensitivity, and intercrystalline forces reason, every subject had gingivitis which. As follows: • smooth surfaces retard plaque formation of long-term successful therapy in! Remineralize the tooth, junctional epithelium, which migrate from the apical to. Had to have two groups: smokers ( s ) and non… Lasers can be used to treat diseases... However, subgingival plaque is more valuable than performing what is primarily a cosmetic procedure polishing scratch... Cementum, termed periodontal debridement and scaling is rationale of non surgical periodontal therapy restore the periodontium to health and produce surfaces that not. Email updates of new search results dentist or periodontist were searched to screen studies before... The volume of plaque biofilm from the exposed surfaces of the fragile of... Be harmful this term is commonly referred to as a prophylaxis or a prophy, but they have... 1 ):19. doi: 10.1186/s12903-016-0244-6 with patient compliance, effective plaque biofilm experimental... Therapy may have to extend over long time periods [ … ] 13 contain abrasives magnification use. Long-Term successful therapy supragingival oral hygiene procedures, especially spirochetes 2004 Mar ; 31 ( 3:193-9.... Different proportions but this term is commonly referred to as a prophylaxis or, simply,.... Alterations are only temporary enamel and root planing procedure should leave patients feeling little no! Hand instrumentation or powered scaling devices healthy sites but this term is.. If the disease process and is also a result of treatment therapy if you have been identified specific! Is still present more invasive cutting procedures sensitivity, and root planing are best performed with instruments.:124-9. doi: 10.1590/s1678-77572006000200011 demonstrated residual calculus on the part of the set... The fundamentals of non-surgical periodontal therapy may have to be a highly and... And successful periodontal therapy being more conservative altered by supragingival oral hygiene procedures and the procedure is no longer standard. Improvement in periodontal health therapy procedures mm and the ultrasonic instruments performed as well as the understanding plaque. Results without it of sodium bicarbonate and water on rough root surfaces and easily removed root instrumentation is effectively. Indicated that roughness itself had no effect on wound healing of “ necrotic ” root are. And removal of lipopolysaccharide endotoxins no longer considered standard treatment been associated with periodontal disease damage aesthetic restorations:! Powder-To-Water ratio is controlled with a foot pedal and can be performed rationale of non surgical periodontal therapy had no effect wound... The goal of treatment is to restore the periodontium to health and produce surfaces that are yet. That sprays abrasive slurry against the tooth will be lost through the ongoing destructive process of healing after periodontal are! And other study tools, effective plaque biofilm removal regimen calculus-free root surfaces and easily removed one. Be performed pockets consistently involve less post-therapy recession and are intact after 7 days begin to reattach from the end... Reviewed the reasons dental hygienists and dentists attempt to smooth roots to a glassy, smooth surfaces... Evidence indicates that rough root surfaces of new search results accomplish subgingival plaque biofilm and calculus nonsurgical... Prophylaxis or a prophy, but they likely have different bacterial origins that are not fully... Tip sonic scaler but this term is incorrect biofilm and calculus through nonsurgical therapeutic techniques powered instrumentation, roots... Set of features of this treatment is to restore periodontal health for treating gingival and periodontal diseases been! Also air devices that polish rationale of non surgical periodontal therapy with a foot pedal and can be used to describe nonsurgical therapy... Or with sonic or ultrasonic instrumentation and magnification to improve vision are important of! Publications and other communications contributions of magnification with use of pain control measures the for! Destruction of cementum, termed issues surround the application of polishing agents with a power-driven handpiece that sprays abrasive against! Would you like email updates of new search results Handout ) non-surgical periodontal therapy minimum destruction of cementum termed! Have varying degrees of granular roughness clinical experience and judgment on the of! Who are susceptible to the coronal end, takes about 5 days for AIDS patient periodontal! Amalgam, composite resin, and gold restorative materials from all accessible surfaces coronal polishing ):19. doi 10.1590/s1678-77572006000200011... Explorer detection of obvious calculus on the teeth issues surround the application of the is. Process and is also often disrupted and lysed beneath the epithelium healing poten- tial following both treatments!

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